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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Center of Attention Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Center of Attention

The Center of Attention is a Friendship Quest for Gaston that players will get to pursue once they reach Level 2 Friendship with Gaston. Friendship with Gaston can only be increased after unlocking Gaston so, players will first have to complete all of the starting quests for Gaston to unlock him as a villager and then give gifts to him to increase the Friendship Level.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to complete the Center of Attention quest for Gaston in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Center of Attention Quest

Upon starting the Center of Attention quest, make your way to Gaston’s Lodge located in the Wastes area of the Glittering Dunes biome, and talk to him. After talking to Gaston, equip the Royal Shovel and clean up the 5 Sand Piles inside the lodge. Once you have cleaned the sand piles, interact with Gaston’s portrait on the wall to revert it.

Now, talk to Gaston and he will tell you to gather the following gems to trade with Scrooge McDuck.

  • Alexandrite – Found in The Wastes and The Oasis (Glittering Dunes).
  • Jade – Found in The Courtyard and The Overlook (Ancient’s Landing).
  • Spinel – Found in The Grove and The Promenade (Wild Tangle).

After getting all the gems, bring them to Scrooge McDuck and he will give you 2 furniture items, Crate of Gastonian Furniture and Gaston’s Antler Chair. You will have to gather the following materials to repair the old Lodge.

  • 15x Copper – Found by removing the Copper Rocks.
  • 10x Oasis Glass – Found by digging the ground in all of the areas of the Glittering Dunes biome.
  • 15x Tropical Wood – Found underneath the trees in The Grasslands (Wild Tangle).

Once you have all the materials, bring the materials and the furniture crate to Gaston and then go to his Lodge in The Wastes. Interact with Scrooge McDuck’s sign outside of the Lodge to repair it. Go inside the Lodge and talk to Gaston to get a book containing the blueprint for a freezer. Open the inventory and use it to learn the schematics.

The freezer will require different fragments that you need to get using the Royal Hourglass tool in the following areas of the Wild Tangle biome.

  • In the Lower Grasslands
  • In the Upper Grasslands
  • In the Grove

Simply equip the Royal Hourglass and use it to see the directions for any hidden treasures. Follow the direction and pull the treasure out of the rift to get the Freezer Fragments. Upon getting all three fragments for the freezer, go and interact with the Timebending Table to craft the Freezer of Infinite Meat. The recipe for it can be found inside the Quests section of the Timebending Table.

After crafting the freezer, go to the Wastes area to re-open Gaston’s Stall by interacting with the Scrooge McDuck’s sign. Talk to Gaston and he will tell you to prepare 4 any meat-based Meals of 2-star or higher. Some of the higher stars meat recipes that you can cook are the following.

Once you have cooked 4 meals for Gaston using any type of Meat, bring them to Gaston’s Lodge. Give the Meas to Gaston and then mingle with all the guests in Gaston’s Lodge. Talk to Rapunzel, Remy, and Scrooge McDuck to mingle with all of them, and then talk to Gaston to conclude the quest.


Completing the Center of Attention quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 440 Friendship Points
  • Unlock Gaston’s Stall

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