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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Tropical Wood



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Tropical Wood

A Rift in Time DLC of Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a brand-new adventure for the players in which they will get to explore and unravel the mysteries of a new world named Eternity Isle. Eternity Isle holds three unique biomes with several areas each offering unique ingredients, items, and crafting materials. One of the new crafting materials that is crucial for both progressing in the questlines for the new characters and crafting new furniture items is Tropical Wood.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First and foremost, the Tropical Wood is an exclusive crafting material for A Rift in Time DLC, meaning the players who have the DLC will only be able to get it. Players will have to make their way to the Eternity Isle to explore and unlock its biomes to get their hands on the materials.

Tropical Wood is obtained by foraging it from the ground mostly from beneath the Tropical Trees which are found in the Wild Tangle biome. The foraging method for Tropical Wood is similar to other wood types found in the Dreamlight Valley.

For players to get to the Wild Tangle biome, they will have to progress through the main Expansion Quests until they have fixed the bridge. It will allow players to get to the Grasslands area of the Wild Tangle biome located on the east side of Eternity Isle and forage the Tropical Wood.

Only the Grasslands area has Tropical Trees in it and players can increase the forage amount of Tropical Wood by placing all the Tropical Trees near to each other in the Grasslands area.

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