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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Housewarming Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Housewarming

The Housewarming is a Friendship Quest for Rapunzel that players will get to pursue once they reach Level 2 Friendship with Rapunzel. Friendship with Rapunzel can only be increased after unlocking Rapunzel so, players will first have to complete all of the starting quests for Rapunzel to unlock her as a villager and then give gifts to her to increase the Friendship Level.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to complete the Housewarming quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Housewarming Quest

Talk to Rapunzel to start the quest and she will ask you to get the following materials for her to have an actual door to her Tower.

  • 4x Zinc – Obtained by Mining in the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 4x Tin – Obtained by Mining in the Glittering Dunes biome.
  • 30x Soil – Obtained by digging the ground both in Eternity Isle and Dreamlight Valley.

After getting all the materials, bring them to her and watch her repair the door underneath the Tower. As she fixes the door, she will tell you to find her treasure items in the following locations.

  • Wall Clock near the Docks – Ancient’s Landing
  • Cast-Iron Pan near the Oasis – Glittering Dunes
  • Handheld Lantern near the Grasslands – Wild Tangle
  • Purple Cushion near the Promenade – Wild Tangle

Use the Royal Hourglass tool and follow its direction to pull the treasure items out of the rift. Once you have found all of Rapunzel’s Treasures, bring them to her. Rapunzel will give you a painting of the tower as you show her the treasure items. Open the inventory and investigate Rapunzel’s Painting to find a memory of her room. Go to Rapunzel’s house and place all the items in the correct places.

  • Cast Iron Pan on the Wall.
  • Handheld Lantern on the Nightstand.
  • Purple Pillow on the Sofa.
  • Wall Clock on the Table.

Once you have placed every item in the correct place, talk to Rapunzel and she will tell you to be a good neighbor to Capybaras and make them a house by gathering the following materials.

  • 10x Bamboo – Found around the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 15x Tropical Wood – Found in The Grasslands area of the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 1x Spinel – Found in The Grove and The Promenade areas of the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 3x Green Grass-Like Flowers – Found in The Plains and The Wastes areas of the Glittering Dunes biome.

Upon gathering all of the required materials, go to the crafting station and craft the Tropical Companion Home for Capybaras. Its recipe can be found under the Functional Items tab of the Crafting Station.

Once you have crafted the Tropical Companion Home, go into the build mode and place it down anywhere in the Wild Tangle biome. Lastly, talk to Rapunzel to conclude the quest and you will get 440 Friendship Points as a reward.

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