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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Rapunzel



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Unlock Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of the new characters in Disney Dreamoight Valley added with the A Rift in Time expansion. She is one of the long-awaited characters in the Dreamlight Valley and with the new expansion, players will be able to unlock her by completing her series of starting quests. However, since she is tied to the expansion, players must own the expansion to discover and unlock her.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can unlock Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned above, the first and foremost requirement for unlocking Rapunzel is owning the A Rift in Time expansion. Once players have bought the Expansion, they will be able to travel to Eternity Isle, a new world beyond Dreamlight Valley that was lost in time. The Eternity Isle consists of three different biomes and Rapunzel can be found roaming around in the Wild Tangle biome.

The Wild Tangle biome is located on the east side of Eternity Isle and players can reach this biome by fixing the bridge. Once there, players will be able to find Rapunzel outside of an Ancient Door located on the east side of Wild Tangle beside the Waterfall. Talking to Rapunzel will start ‘The Ancient Door’ quest leading to ‘The Sundial’ and ‘The Tower’ quests. Players need to complete all three of these quests to unlock Rapunzel.

Here’s a breakdown of all the starting quests for unlocking Rapunzel.

The Ancient Door

Speak to Rapunzel near the ancient door and then use the Hourglass tool to remove all 5 swirling rocks in front of the ancient door. One of the swirling rocks will drop Sun Core Pieces and Rapunzel will tell you to seek 2 more of the Sun Core Pieces. The Sun Core Pieces are dropped from removing the Swirling Rocks not Swirling Sands and you will find one at The Docks and the last one at the Plains.

After getting 3 Sun Core pieces, access a crafting table and craft the Sun Core. Now, make your way back to the door and place the Sun Core on the door to open it. Go past the door with Rapunzel and then talk to her to complete the first quest.

The Sundial

Pick up the Sun Core on the platform near the Sundial and place it inside the Sundial. Talk to Rapunzel and then go out to search for Floating Sundial Gears scattered around the Eternity Isle. Some of the gears are placed randomly while some are floating for which you have to use the glide to catch them.

Once you have gathered all 10 gears, go back to Rapunzel and talk to her. Investigate the sundial in the middle to reveal a bridge to the Statue of Time. Go to the statue and clear the swirling rocks in front of it. Pick up the memory under a tree and talk to Rapunzel to complete the quest.

The Tower

After talking to Rapunzel, follow her towards the Tower and she will take you to the entrance of The Grove area. Unlock the Grove area using 4,000 Mist and continue forward. She will tell you to dig up Vine Seeds from The Plains area in Glittering Dunes.

Make your way to the Glittering Dunes biome and search for the shiny ground patches in the sand. Use the Royal Shovel to dig up all three Vine Seeds and go back to Rapunzel. Remove the Swirling Sands around the Tower and place the Vine Seeds. Interact with the Tower while equipping the Hourglass to grow the Vines from the base of the Tower.

Now, enter Rapunzel’s Tower and investigate the chest to spawn a sandy version of Mother Gothel. Remove the Swirling Sands inside the room to deal with the sandy version of Mother Gothel and she will drop the Jewel of Time. Interact with the Jewel to equip it on the Hourglass.

Finally, interact with the chest again to retrieve Rapunzel’s Paints and give them to her to complete the quest and unlock her. From now on, you will be able to give gifts to her and complete Friendship Quests for her as well.

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