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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock EVE



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Unlock EVE

EVE is one of the new characters in Disney Dreamoight Valley added with the A Rift in Time expansion. She is one of the long-awaited characters in the Dreamlight Valley and with the new expansion, players will be able to unlock her by completing her starting quest. However, since she is tied to the expansion, players must own the expansion to discover and unlock her.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can unlock EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned above, the first and foremost requirement for unlocking EVE is owning the A Rift in Time expansion. Once players have bought the Expansion, they will be able to travel to Eternity Isle, a new world beyond Dreamlight Valley that was lost in time. The Eternity Isle consists of three different biomes and EVE can be found west of The Docks area on a small island in the Ancient’s Landing biome.

The Ancient’s Landing is the first biome that players will get to explore and the island will be blocked off by Copper Rocks. Players will first have to complete ‘The Secrets of Eternity Isle’ and ‘The Flying Metal Nuisance’ quests for Jafar. This will allow players to open the path to an island to meet with EVE and get the new Royal Hourglass tool.

After completing the quests for Jafar, players will be able to talk to EVE to start her quest named ‘Directive: Danger!’ that players must complete to unlock her.

Here is a breakdown of EVE’s starting quest for unlocking her as a villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Directive: Danger!

Find EVE roaming around in Eternity Isle and talk to her to start the quest. You need to take pictures around the following areas in The Docks to reassure EVE of any possible danger.

  • A giant tree with hanging lanterns near the well.
    • Beside Wishing Well located above the Staircase in The Docks.
  • The small wooden boat you arrived in.
    • On the south wooden pier in The Docks.
  • A giant statue face in a hallway.
    • At the entrance of the Ancient Door leading to The Courtyard area.
  • A strange sunken doorway between two waterfalls.
    • Right side of EVE’s house.

Talk to EVE and she will tell you to take pictures of any dangers in the Wild Tangle and Glittering Dunes biomes.

  • A lady with long, braided blonde hair.
    • Rapunzel, found in Wild Tangle.
  • A misplaced boat high up in the Jungle.
    • Found in The Grasslands area of Wild Tangle.
  • A plant with very pointy teeth.
    • Found in almost all areas of Wild Tangle.
  • A man with an impossibly thick neck.
    • Gaston, found in Glittering Dunes.
  • A Snake.
    • Found in all areas of Glittering Dunes.
  • A waterfall of sand.
    • Found in front of Gaston’s hiding spot in Glittering Dunes.

After taking all the required pictures, return to EVE and talk to her to conclude the quest and unlock her. From this point, you will be able to give gifts to EVE and complete her Friendship Quests.  

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