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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Flying Metal Nuisance

The Flying Metal Nuisance is one of the main Expansion Quests for Jafar in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players will unlock this quest after completing The Secrets of Eternity Isle quest for Jafar. Jafar will task players to get the Royal Hourglass tool which will allow players to stop the Time Rifts and fix the bridge.

In this guide, we’ll cover the Flying Metal Nuisance quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest Walkthrough

You need to find the Flying Metal Nuisance (EVE) and convince her to hand over the Royal Hourglass tool to fix the bridge. All the objectives regarding the quest are explained below.

Find and Talk to the Flying Metal Nuisance

The Flying Metal Nuisance (EVE) is located on the left side of the Docks area blocked off by Copper Rocks. With the completion of The Secrets of Eternity Isle quest, you will gain the upgrade for your Royal Pickaxe Tool which you can use to break the small Copper Rocks to reach EVE. Once you have opened the path to EVE, talk to her.

Talk to Jafar

EVE will not hand over the Royal Hourglass just by asking and you need to talk to Jafar to see if he knows something about how to get the Royal Hourglass from EVE. Go to the main area of the Docks and interact with the Hologram Station to talk to Jafar.

Go to EVE House

After talking to Jafar, you need to go to EVE’s House located in the same area as EVE. It is a big spaceship in the area. Interact with the ship’s door to enter EVE House.

Remove the Pile of Junk to Find a Memory

There will be Piles of Junk in her house that you need to remove simply by interacting with each one. Upon removing all Piles of Junk in her house, it will drop a memory on the floor that you need to pick up and view.

After finding the Memory, go back to Jafar and tell him about an area shown in EVE’s Memory.

Find the Hidden Area from EVE’s Memory

The Hidden Area from EVE’s Memory is behind the Waterfall at the Docks area. If you go to the right side of the bridge from where you reach EVE, you will see an entrance behind the waterfall blocked off by Copper Rocks. Remove the Copper Rocks to enter the hidden area.

Find and Put on the Robot Costume

Once you have found the hidden area behind the waterfall, you need to search for the Robot Costume. You need to interact with the treasure chest in one of the corners of the hidden area to find 2x EVE’s Treasure Bag. Transfer both of them to your inventory and open them up to get 1x Robot Hat and 1x Robot Costume. Now, open the wardrobe to put on both of the clothing items.

Talk to EVE and Investigate the Recipe

Once you have put on the Robot Hat and Robot Costume, go back to EVE and talk to her. She will give you the Best Fish Forever recipe that you need to prepare for her. Open the inventory to find the recipe and investigate it to learn the ingredients required for the recipe.

Unlock Goofy’s Stall in Ancient’s Landing

Now, to get the required ingredients for the recipe, you need to unlock Goofy’s Stall first. To unlock the Goofy’s Stall, follow the following steps.

  • Go to the west side of the Docks area and go inside the stall beside the staircase to find Goofy’s Stall Sign. It will start the ‘Give Me A Sign’ quest for Goofy.
  • Now, open the map to find Goofy on the Eternity Isle and give him the sign that you found. If Goofy is not in Eternity Isle, travel back to Dreamlight Valley and give him the sign.
  • After giving the sign to Goofy, talk to him in front of a stall in the Docks area. He will tell you to gather the following materials.
    • 25x Copper – Found by breaking the Copper Rocks around the Eternity Isle.
    • 12x Plastic Scrap – Found by fishing in the water without ripples (fishing spot).
  • Upon gathering all the materials, go to Goofy and give him the materials.
  • Interact with the Scrooge’s Sign in front of the stall to unlock Goofy’s Stall.

Unlocking Goofy’s Stall will complete the ‘Give Me a Sign’ quest and you will be able to buy fresh ingredients from Goofy.

Gather the Ingredients for the Recipe

To make the Best Fish Forever recipe, you need to gather the following ingredients.

  • 1x Robot Fish – Obtained by fishing in the Golden fishing spot at the Docks area.
  • 1x Cumin – Harvest the White Flower in the Docks area.
  • 1x Celery – Buy the Celery Seeds from Goofy and plant them in the ground. Wait 10 minutes for Celery to grow and then harvest it.
  • 1x Sea Snail – Obtained by fishing in the White fishing spots at the Docks area.

Make the Best Fish Forever Recipe

After gathering all the required ingredients, go to the cooking station in the Docks area and prepare the recipe. Select the Quests icon in the recipes to find the Best Fish Forever recipe. Autofill all the ingredients to make the Best Fish Forever recipe.

Bring the Recipe to EVE and Get the Hourglass

Go to EVE and give her the Best Fish Forever recipe. Now, go past EVE and interact with the Hourglass in front to unlock the Hourglass tool.

Go to the Broken Bridge

After getting the Hourglass tool, go to the broken bridge located beside the Courtyard area. Interact with the Hologram Station in the courtyard area to talk to Jafar and conclude the quest.

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