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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Play Scramblecoin – Board Game Guide



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Scramblecoin Board Games

The first DLC Expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley offers tons of new items, content, a brand-new world with 3 new biomes, 4 new characters, and much more. Players will get to unravel all of it in the new expansion, A Rift in Time. One of the new activities in the expansion that players can find and participate in is Scramblecoin, a board game with chess-like tiles where players can play against other characters and earn figurines that can help them win future matches against characters.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to play Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock Scramblecoin Activity

The Scramblecoin Board Game is not readily available at the start of the expansion as it is firstly introduced as a quest for Mickey, ‘A Game of Coins’. This quest can be started by talking to Mickey at Eternity Isle, meaning players will first have to reach Eternity Isle and wait for Mickey to visit the Eternity Isle. Once Mickey has shown up in the Eternity Isle, players will be able to talk to Mickey to learn about Scramblecoin and play a match against him as an objective for the quest.

How to Play Scramblecoin Board Game

The rules for Scramblecoin Board Game are not hard to understand as it plays out pretty much like a chess game but instead of taking out the opponent’s board pieces, players need to use their board pieces to collect the Silver and Gold Coins. The player with the most earned Coins wins the game. However, players must first understand all the basic rules and playstyle of the game to achieve the winnings against their opponents.

Basic Rules for Scramblecoin

The basic rules for playing the Scramblecoin Board Game are the following.

  • Select 5 Figurines: The first and foremost rule of the game is to select the 5 Figurines you want to bring to the board. Initially, all players will have access to 5 Figurines but as they play the game more and win, they will unlock more Figurines that they can choose to bring to the board in the future game.
  • Characteristics of Figurines: Each figurine has three different characteristics that determine its play style. These characteristics are based on Play Time, Direction and Distance, and Unique Abilities.
    • Play Time: The play time characteristic determines when and where a figurine can be played on the board. Some of the figurines don’t have a certain time that allows them to be played at any time while some of the figurines can only be played at a certain time. All of the figurines have a certain Entry Point where they can initially be played from. If a figurine has an entry point as the corner, you cannot play it from the center.
    • Direction and Distance: Each figurine can only be played in a certain direction for a specified number of tiles. There are three directions of figurines in total – Diagonal, Orthogonal, and Any directions. Once you have placed a figurine on its required Entry Point, you will be able to play it in its required direction for a specified number of tiles.
    • Unique Abilities: Some of the figurines also have unique abilities that can be utilized once they are deployed on the board. These unique abilities of figurines allow them to move to a certain tile neglecting any obstacle in their way or even place down a silver coin right next to them when they are deployed. As an example, Goofy Figurine is one of the starting figurines that all players will have and they can use Goofy to move it directly to a certain tile ignoring anything in between due to its Jump ability.
  • Turns & Points for Coins: There are 5 turns in total for the whole match and players have to gain more points than their opponent by gathering Silver and Gold Coins. Gathering a Silver Coin will earn 1 Point whereas, the Gold Coin will earn 3 Points.
  • Ending of a Turn: A turn is ended by moving all of your placed figurines. You can also replace a figurine by placing another figurine on top of it.

Tips for Winning Scramblecoin Board Game Matches

  • Start with a figurine that has a diagonal movement direction to secure silver points.
  • In turns 2 and 3, place down the figurines that have an orthogonal direction to secure any silver points on the edges and then in the center.
  • Once the turn 4 starts, the Gold Coins will spawn and you need to select Goofy and replace it with one of the figurines to quickly secure any one of the Gold Coins.
  • In the last two turns, your main goal should be getting the Gold Coins as they will increase your rapidly and secure you a win.

Make sure to read the characteristics of the figurines before you bring them to the board. You can make several strategies with all of the figurines to secure yourself a win every time so, select the top 5 figurines you think are the best for your next match. Winning the matches will get you Ranking Points which will increase your rank on the scale and reward you with a new figurine on every milestone.

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