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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get to Eternity Isle



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Eternity Isle

Eternity Isle is a brand-new world besides the Dreamlight Valley where players can travel to unravel new biomes and meet with new characters. This new world is a part of A Rift in Time DLC expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley offering tons of new content for players. However, players will first have to meet the requirements to get access to Eternity Isle and all the Expansion Quests.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get to Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get to Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first and foremost requirement for players to go to Eternity Isle is to buy the A Rift in Time Expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is the very first DLC of Disney Dreamlight Valley that players can get for $29.99. Once players have purchased the A Rift in Time Expansion, they need to complete the following story quests to get invited to Eternity Isle and get access to Expansion Quests.

  • The Dream Castle – (Merlin’s Quest)
  • Making Cents of Things – (Scrooge McDuck’s Quest)
  • Fishing Expedition – (Goofy’s Quest)
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening – (Scrooge McDuck’s Quest)

All of these quests are early story quests of the game that players will be able to complete in the starting hours of the gameplay. Once you have completed the quests, go to the Plaza to initiate a cutscene where you will get to talk to Jafar who will tell you about the entrance to Eternity Isle, and start the first Expansion Quest ‘The Port of Many Worlds’.

Now, you need to complete ‘The Port of Many Worlds’ quest for Merlin to travel to Eternity Isle. All the objectives for The Port of Many Worlds are the following.

  • Talk to Merlin – Open the map to locate Merlin. Go to Merlin to talk to him.
  • Meet Merlin in the Dream Castle – After talking to Merlin, make your way to the Dream Castle.
  • Follow Merlin to the Gate in the Dream Castle – Upon reaching the Dream Castle, follow Merlin to the closed gate inside the Dream Castle.
  • Talk to Merlin – Talk to Merlin in front of the gate.
  • Pass through the gate – Go through the gate that Merlin just opened to reach the Stardust Port.
  • Talk to Merlin in the Stardust Port – Find and talk to Merlin at the port.

Talking to Merlin at the port will complete the quest and you will get access to an Ancient Vessel at the Eternity Isle’s Portal Gate. Interact with the Ancient Vessel to travel to Eternity Isle for the first time as it is also required for Jafar’s starting quest ‘The Secrets of Eternity Isle’. Once you have reached Eternity Isle for the first time, you will be able to fast-travel freely here and back at Dreamlight Valley using the map.

Since you have bought the A Rift in Time Expansion, don’t forget to collect your reward of 5,000 Moonstones from the Mail back at the house.

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