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The Last Faith: How to Complete Lady Annika’s Quest



The Last Faith - Lady Annika Quest

Traversing through the dark and evil areas in The Last Faith will often let you meet with various NPCs that will acquire your assistance of some kind. Completing the quests of the NPCs is required to earn all the achievements and one of the achievements that you can earn is ‘Bell of the Ball’ by completing Lady Annika’s quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Lady Annika’s quest in The Last Faith.

How to Complete Lady Annika’s Quest in The Last Faith

Before you get to start the quest for Lady Annika, you will first have to find and talk to her in the City of Mythringal area. She is located inside a building on the northeast side that you can reach by climbing the ladder. Once you have found her, talk to her to invite her to Oxnevylle’s Manor location. Fast travel to Oxnevylle’s Manor and you will find her in the great hall. Talking to her now will start her quest.

After talking to her at the Manor, you need to talk to the Veiled Maiden in the City of Erlim area. You can find her at the location shown in the image below.

Talk to the Veiled Maiden to tell her about Lady Annika’s requirement and she will be happy to help her. Now, go back to Lady Annika and inform her about Erlim to complete the quest. Completing the quest will unlock the ‘Bell of the Ball’ achievement.

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