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How To Get The Double Jump Ability In The Last Faith



The Last Faith - Double Jump

Navigating through the areas will often let you see higher platforms that are unapproachable with the normal jump. Like many paths in each area, higher platforms can lead you to a secret location within the area or even take you to a new area which might be required for the main story. To get to the higher platforms, players will have to get the Double Jump ability that can be unlocked halfway through the game.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get the Double Jump ability in The Last Faith.

How to Get the Double Jump Ability in The Last Faith

The Double Jump ability is unlocked by obtaining the Celestial Larva, a key item found inside the chest after defeating Manfredd the Accursed. Manfredd the Accursed is a boss found inside the Brazier room in the Ordens Regnant Palace area. After defeating the boss, go out of the door on the right side to reach an open area and continue on the right side to find the chest with Celestial Larva.

How to Unlock the Brazier Room in Ordens Regnant Palace

Upon reaching the Ordens Regnant Palace area, players will find most of the rooms locked and the brazier room will be one of them which will require four braziers to be lit up to unlock. Four braziers above the door can only lit up by igniting the brazier stands scattered across the Ordens Regnant Palace area.

How to Get the Odens Palace Master Key

As mentioned earlier, most of the rooms are locked inside the Ordens Regnant Palace area for which players need to get the palace master key to navigate through them to reach the brazier stands. The Ordens Palace Master Key is found inside the chest located directly above the brazier room. Players can get there by going to the left side to make their way up and proceeding ahead toward the right side to come across ice traps. Once there, they need to grab the explosion located on the bottom and make their way up to blow up the frozen corpses blocking the path to the chest.

Once players have got the Ordens Palace Master Key, they need to go to the locations mentioned below to find and ignite the brazier stands.

Brazier Stand #1

The first brazier can be found close to the Ordens Palace master key location. Navigate back from the key location to reach the library and use the key to open the locked door on the right. Go inside to find the first brazier and interact with it to ignite it.

Brazier Stand #2

The second brazier stand can be found in the open space on the northwest side of the palace. Continue going to the left side and make the climb to go up to come across a terrace. Walk up to the terrace to find the brazier.

Brazier Stand #3

The third brazier is located beneath the west altar which you can reach by breaking the hidden door entrance. Make your way ahead in the area to come across several ice traps and enemies. First, go up the area to find the explosion and then come down to the bottom to throw the explosion on the frozen corpses to get access to the brazier. The location of the hidden wall is shown in the image.

Brazier Stand #4

The fourth brazier stand is located on the terrace on the east side of the palace. You can reach it by making your way up from the east altar. There are several enemies and ice traps along the path so, be careful while making your way up, and once you have reached the terrace, ignite the final brazier stand.

After igniting all four brazier stands, make your way back to the brazier room to enter inside to encounter Manfredd the Accursed. Defeat the boss to go ahead to get the Celestial Larva and continue going up by using the new jump ability to progress ahead in the area.

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