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The Last Faith: All Family Crest Locations



The Last Faith: All Family Crest Locations

Several secrets are waiting to be found in The Last Faith which are essential for 100% completing the game. One of the dear secrets that The Last Faith holds is access to a hidden boss ‘Nyxaroth the Eldritch Wight’. This very secret is only possible by placing down four different family crests in the Drowned Crypt area to unlock a path that leads to the boss.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all family crests in The Last Faith.

All Family Crest Locations in The Last Faith

There are 4 Family Crests hidden in the areas from where players will venture across throughout the progression of the game.

  • The Blackhall Family Crest
  • The Ordens Family Crest
  • The Walryn Family Crest
  • The Oxnevylle Family Crest

These Family Crests act as a part of a key to unlock a hidden passage in the Drowned Crypt area. The locations of the Family Crests are listed below.

The Blackhall Family Crest Location

The Blackhall Family Crest is located in the center of the Esk Mansion location and can only be reached by accessing the mirror in the Telwynill Village area. Make your way down in the Telwynill Village area and continue towards the west side to come across a mirror. Interact with the mirror to teleport to Esk Mansion. Move to the right side and break the stone wall to find a chest. Open the chest to loot the Blackhall Family Crest.

The Ordens Family Crest Location

Ordens Family Crest is located inside a chest behind a Corrupted Nycrux Door on the southeast side of the Ordens Regnant Palace area. Players can reach the area by climbing up from the east altar in the area and using the double jump along with the Aerial Dash to reach the corrupted Nycrux door. Interact with the door to open the door using the Lost Mark of Transcendence and loot the chest inside to get the crest.

The Walryn Family Crest Location

The Walryn Family Crest is located in the Temple of the Deposed Gods area for which players will first have to get the Jailor’s Key. To get the Jailor’s Key, go to the west altar in the High Walls of Mythringal and double jump up to reach a platform. Grab the key and then teleport back to the Temple of the Deposed Gods. Move to the locked door that requires the jailor’s Key and interact with it to go ahead. Activate the Altar and then start going down the ladders and then to the right side to eventually find the chest to get the Walryn Family Crest.

The Oxnevylle Family Crest Location

The Oxnevylle Family Crest is obtained by completing the quest for The Woman in Ink NPC located in the Broken Pass area outside of Oxnevylle’s Manor. You need to find and deliver all 20 ‘Unborns of the Midnight Aristocracy’ to The Woman in Ink to obtain the Oxnevylle Family Crest.

After getting all the family crests, go to the Drowned Crypt to place all the Crests to open the passage to encounter the secret boss and earn the ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ achievement.

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