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The Last Faith: How to Open the Corrupted Nycrux Doors | Lost Mark of Transcendence



The last Faith: Open Corrupted Nycrux Door

There are various equipment items in The Last Faith that will grant you certain abilities that you can use to traverse through the areas to find the hidden locations. These abilities are also essential during combat, especially the Lost Mark of Transcendence as it allows the character to transform into a beast for a short time and is also used to open the Corrupted Nycrux Doors to find hidden locations throughout the areas.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the Corrupted Nycrux Doors in The Last Faith.

How to Open the Corrupted Nycrux Doors in The Last Faith

The Corrupted Nycrux Doors can only be opened by having the Lost Mark of Transcendence. Interacting with the corrupted Nycrux doors will allow your character to destroy the Nycrux door to venture across. Having the ability to open the Nycrux doors will allow players to find hidden locations in the areas which is essential for finding all the secrets and getting all the achievements of the game. One of the secrets in particular will require you to find the Family Crests for which you have to go through the Nycrux door to get Odens Family Crest.

Now, to get the Lost Mark of Transcendence, players will have to defeat The Burnt Apostate boss located in the Liturgical Pass area. After defeating the boss, continue toward the right side to find Heart of Nycrux and then continue ahead to find the Lost Mark of Transcendence beneath a statue.

Picking it up will grant you the ability to open the corrupted Nycrux doors by pressing the Triangle button and transform into a powerful beast by pressing the R1+L1 at the same time. The powerful beast’s ability is essential for defeating bosses as you deal more damage with your attacks and combos.

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