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Die in the Dungeon: Origins – How to Boost the Value of Dice



DDO - Boost Value of Dice

Clearing out the floors in the dungeons from the enemies will require you to come up with various strategies with the dice in your deck. One of the essential strategies for almost every fight in the dungeon is to boost the value of the dice you are going to play for the turn. Whether it is an attacking dice, blocking dice, or healing dice, boosting their value will grant significant output on the execution.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to boost the value of the dice in Die in the Dungeon: Origins.

How to Boost the Value of Dice in Die in the Dungeon: Origins

Starting your new run in the dungeon will always take you to the tutorial screen where you will get to learn the basics of each basic dice – Red Dice (Attack), Blue Dice (Block), Purple Dice (Boost Value), and Light Green (Heal) in the game. These four dice are the basic dice in the game from which you can use up to a maximum of any 3 dice in a single turn.

Now, to boost the value of any dice in your collection, you need to place down the Purple Dice on the deck. It will increase the value of the dice placed 2 spaces away by the number of faces on purple dice. Meaning, that if a purple dice has a ‘2’ face, it will increase the value of a dice placed 2 spaces away by 2. So, if you place a red dice with a ‘3’ face on the boosted position at the deck, the value for the red dice will increase to 5 resulting in 5 attack damage to the selected enemy.

To get the most out of the Purple Dice (Boost Value Dice), place it in the middle of the deck as it will boost all 2 spaces away from it and you will be able to boost any next 2 of your dice in the turn. As you progress through the floors, you will get the chance to unlock the Prism Dice that extends the targeting effects to its targets. So, if you target the Prism Dice with the Boost Dice, it will extend the boost value proportional to the value of the Prism Dice.

The best way to get the most out of the Prism and the Boost Dice is to place the Boost Dice in the middle and then place the Prism Dice either left or right of the Boost Dice. After that, place the next/last dice of the turn within the boosted positions in the deck to boost its value efficiently.

If you are low on HP then place the Heal Dice, if you want to deal more damage then place the Attack Dice, and so on. There are various combinations that you can test but according to the situation of the fight.

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