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Die in the Dungeon: Origins – How to Successfully Pass the Roll Checks



DDO - Pass the Roll Check

Die in the Dungeon: Origins has several game mechanics that players will get to experience as they progress through the floors in the dungeon. One of the main mechanics of the game is passing the Roll Checks with several NPCs that you will meet by clearing through the floors. These NPCs can reward you with Relics, random Dice addition to the collection, or heal your character upon passing the roll check but if you fail the roll check, you will have to face a consequence.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to successfully pass the roll checks in Die in the Dungeon: Origins.

How to Successfully Pass the Roll Checks in Die in the Dungeon: Origins

The NPC encounter in Die in the Dungeon will give you three different options to choose from and each option will require a certain number of dice. The required number of Dice will be marked on top of the NPC encounter menu in a Gold Diamond shape and it is the same for every option of that NPC encounter. Meaning, that you have to roll the exact required number or higher for any option that you have selected to pass the roll check. However, each option has a number of colored and uncolored blocks in front in which you have to place the respective colored dice or any color dice depending on the blocks.

For instance, if an NPC requires a ‘6+’ roll on dice and the option you want to select has a Purple and a Green Block, you have to place the Purple Dice and Green Dice in the respective colored block but the number combined on both of the placed dice should be 6 or higher to pass the roll check.

It isn’t difficult to understand the winning mechanic for the roll check but it does depend on your collection of dice. If your dice consist of 1 and 2 faces, it will be impossible for you to pass the roll check and have to face the consequence which can either be a fight against a certain type of enemy or get a certain property on one of your dice in the collection.

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