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Die in the Dungeon: Origins – How to Defeat the Scorpion Rider



DDO - Defeat the Scorpion Rider

Every floor of the dungeon in Die in the Dungeon: Origins has multiple enemies that players must defeat to progress ahead in the game. As players progress through the first 19 floors of the dungeon, they will get to encounter the first boss ‘Scorpion Rider’ on Floor 20. The Scorpion Rider has a total of 250 HP along with a Paladin Rider which has 25 HP provides a shield to the Scorpion to resist a certain amount of damage from the Frog. It is one of the most difficult fights in the game as it requires a different approach than the normal fights against casual enemies.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to defeat the Scorpion Rider in Die in the Dungeon: Origins.

How to Defeat the Scorpion Rider in Die in the Dungeon: Origins

The Scorpion Rider boss attacks three times each attack dealing 5 damage which sums up to 15 damage on each turn. If you have an HP lower than 15 with no block resistance then you will most probably end your run at this point. To tackle the attacks of Scorpion Rider, you need to first heal your HP at least to 20 and then start applying the shield to resist damage as much as you can. Don’t use any Attack Dice, just use a Boost Dice and place 2 Block Dice in the boosted positions to get decent resistance points.

Now, the reason why you want to do this is because the Scorpion Rider and the Paladin riding on it will take 2 damage each time the Scorpion attacks. Once the HP of the Paladin depletes to 0, he will get stunned and 2 Exposed Tiles will be highlighted. During the stun, the Scorpion will not attack. That is when you need to use the Attack Dice as each Exposed Tile increases the effect of Dice by ‘x3’. To deal the most damage to Scorpion, you need to place the highest face of Boost Dice in your deck on a certain tile that boosts the value of the Exposed Tile, and then you need to place the highest face of the Attack Dice on the Exposed Tiles. It will multiply your boosted value of attack by 3 and deal extensive damage to the Scorpion Rider.

The stun effect stays for 2 turns and the Paladin will come back with 25 HP after your 2 turns. You can repeat the process to defeat the Scorpion Rider easily but it will take some time. Defeating the Scorpion Rider will give you the ‘Scorpion Rideeer!’ achievement.

However, you can speed up the process by placing the Attack Dice on Paladin Tile (Tile with a Paladin Hat). By doing this it will only damage the Paladin and stun him once his HP depletes to 0 allowing you to deal extensive damage to Scorpion when he’s most vulnerable.

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