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SteamWorld Build: How to Get Boards



SteamWorld Build - Boards

Boards are one of the many resources in SteamWorld Build that are mainly used for the construction and repair of several buildings. Players should have the required number of boards to successfully place down the construction of a building to make use of it. It is one of the early resources in the game but is used throughout the playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Boards in SteamWorld Build.

How to Get Boards in SteamWorld Build

Boards are processed from Wood which is another essential resource in the game and mainly used for making the Boards. To get the Wood, players will have to first build a Forester near the forest area and it will cost $125 with an upkeep cost of $3 and 15 Workers. Build a road leading toward the forest and place the forester for 100% Fertility. The Forester will harvest 1 wood every 15 seconds. Now, to process the wood and turn it into a board, you need to build a Lumbermill.

The Lumbermill can be placed anywhere as it does not require any kind of efficiency. If you have space near the Forester, then you can place the Lumbermill there otherwise place it anywhere beside the road. Building the Lumbermill will cost you $300 with an upkeep cost of $4 and 10 Workers. It will convert a Wood into a Board every 15 seconds.

Make sure that you have built a Warehouse for storing the Boards as your Workers will store the Board inside the Warehouse from the Lumbermill. All the stored Boards inside the Warehouse can be seen on top of the screen and you will be able to use them to build more buildings to develop your city further.

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