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SteamWorld Build: How to Get Workers



SteamWorld Build - Workers

Workers are the starting level of robots that you need to produce in your initial city to start making progress as well as earning money. Like any other city-building game, money is the main source for developing the city and it is the same case with SteamWorld Build. However, players must first have the required number of Workers working in the city they are developing to meet the ends of both the workers and progression.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Workers in SteamWorld Build.

How to Get Workers in SteamWorld Build

The Workers can be obtained by placing down the Worker Residential around the accessible area. The Worker Residential generates the Workforce that is essential for handling your refineries in the city and each Worker Residential can generate up to 10 Workers/Workforce. So, if you want to get more Workers, you need to build a whole residential area in the city with Worker Residential structures.

Each Worker Residential building requires 2x Boards to construct it and building a whole town will require you to have hundreds of Boards. To build the residential town, you need to place down the road and build various buildings such as General Store and Service Shop to provide certain advantages like happiness to the Workers living in the vicinity of these buildings. If you don’t build the roads, the Workers will not be able to move around the city and work in your refineries so, make sure that you map out the layout for the city. As the Workers’ happiness increases, you will be able to upgrade the Worker Residential into an Engineer Building that will allow you to get Engineers for further progression of the game.

Developing your dream city for the robots will require you to get Workers as soon as possible because they both act as workers in the buildings that you will place down which require a certain number of workers as well as residents who will pay rent that will help you start earning money.

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