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SteamWorld Build: How to Build Warehouse



SteamWorld Build - Warehouse

The Warehouse is one of the buildings that is used to store all of the goods from your running Refineries in the city. All of your resources are stored in the Warehouse acting and providing a service of storage for your gathered resources. For you to utilize the resources or trade them for other resources or funds, you must have multiple Warehouses around the city.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build Warehouses in SteamWorld Build.

How to Build Warehouses in SteamWorld Build

The Warehouses can only be built beside the Dirt Roads in the city and store the resources from within range of Refineries. Building a warehouse will cost you $500 and 4 Boards with an upkeep cost of $15. The refineries that you build around the city for resources such as wood, lumber, cactus water, coal, etc. all need to be stored someplace to be utilized later.

However, the Warehouse only stores the resources from the refineries that are in range. The range of the refineries is judged by the outline of the blue road while placing the warehouse. If a road does not glow blue outside of a refinery, the Workers will not deliver the resources of that refinery to the warehouse. That is why you have to build multiple warehouses around your city to store all of the resources and the resources are shared among the warehouses.

You can click on the resources on top of the screen to view all of the resources stored in Warehouses and their demand in the city.

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