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Die in the Dungeon: Origins – How to Heal & Increase Maximum HP



DDO - Heal and Increase Maximum HP

Die in the Dungeon: Origins is a deck-building, turn-based roguelike game where you have to build up your deck using the dice instead of cards. Each dice has a certain action that the Frog protagonist performs in their turn. Players have to keep the frog alive through each combat to progress through the floors in the dungeon. As players progress to much deeper floors, the enemies will get tougher which requires players to try hard and come up with certain strategies where they can heal the character as well as progress ahead.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to heal and increase the maximum HP in Die in the Dungeon: Origins.

How to Heal in Die in the Dungeon: Origins

Healing the Prince Frog in Die in the Dungeon: Origins requires players to use the Heal Dice (Light Green Dice) during the turn. The Heal Dice provides the same number of HP to the Frog as the face of the Heal Dice at the end of the turn. For instance, if a player uses a Heal Dice of ‘3’ face, it will heal the Frog with 3 HP at the end of the turn. Players can use up to 3 Heal Dice in a single turn to heal the Frog for maximum possible HP but it has the downside of taking damage from the enemies as well. If players want to heal the Frog effectively, then it is best to use at least 1 Block Dice (Blue Dice) and 2 Heal Dice to both block the oncoming damage and heal the character. Players can also boost the value of Heal Dice by using the Boost Dice (Purple Dice) to do extra healing.

Alternatively, players can also heal up to 2 HP by killing a Green Caterpillar-like enemy. These enemies are encountered in certain floor levels so, if you are unlucky in rolling the Heal Dice after a turn but have a Green Caterpillar-like enemy as an opponent, kill it to heal the character.

How to Increase Maximum HP in Die in the Dungeon: Origins

Prince Frog starts with a total of 20 HP and the only way to increase the maximum HP of the Frog is to select the HP Bonus card given at the end of after every few floors. As you clear the floors and progress ahead, you will be given various choices among the Cards, Dice, and Relics through which you can strengthen your collection. However, you need to select the Increase Max HP Card to increase the overall HP of the Frog.

It is essential to increase the HP of the Frog as it allows you to survive the encounters for longer and clear more of the floors in the Endless Mode.

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