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The Last Faith: How to Get Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw



The last Faith - Nighthunter's Grappling Claw

Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw is one of the gear items in The Last Faith that unlocks the Grappling ability for Eryk. The Grappling Ability allows you to ascend through various levels within the area which makes traversal more efficient and even allows you to find hidden locations within the areas.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw in The Last Faith.

How to Get Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw in The Last Faith

The Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw is found inside the treasure chest located at the bottom level of the Drowned Crypt area. To get the Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw, players will first have to summon and defeat a secret boss named Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror in the Drowned Crypt. Summoning the secret boos will require players to obtain 2 Veil Shades and use them to light the braziers. Both of the Veil Shades are found inside the Drowned Crypt on the west side of the area and one of them will require a statue puzzle to be solved for which players must have the ability to move boxes.

Players will be able to move the boxes with the Gravitation Ring item to solve the statue puzzle. Upon solving the puzzle, a door will open above on the right side giving you the second Veil Shade. Once players have used the Veil Shades to light both of the braziers, they need to make their way back to the bridge next to the altar to encounter Edwyn. As players fight Edwyn and deplete half of its HP, the second phase will start in which they will drop down from the bridge.

After defeating Edwyn, go to the right side to find the treasure chest to get the Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw. Players can use the grappling ability while near the grappling rings by pressing the Y/Triangle button. Using the grappling ability will allow players to go back up to the altar and progress to the next area.

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