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The Last Faith: How to Defeat Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror



The Last Faith - Edwyn the Shadowscourge Horror

Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror is one of the toughest bosses in the game located in the Drowned Crypt area that players must defeat to both unlock themselves a new gear item as well as progress in the main story. It is one of the tankiest bosses in the game with various projectiles and AOE attacks that players must tackle to close the gap to deal damage to him.

In this guide, we’ll go over the strategy of how to defeat Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror in the Last Faith.

How to Defeat Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror in the Last Faith

Like most of the main bosses in the game, Edwyn, the Shadowscourge is a 2-phased boss fight with slightly changed attacks in both of the phases. The players must understand each of the attacks and the technique to dodge every attack to find the opening to land the strikes. Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror has a lot of HP than previous bosses and it will take many hits and combos of your weapon to defeat him. Defeating Edwyn only requires patience and dodging his attacks to stay in the fight otherwise, getting hit by any one of the major attacks of Edwyn can bring your character down to last breath.

We will go through each phase and explain every attack of Edwyn and its counter to deal damage to him.

Phase 1 of Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror

There are four main attacks of Edwyn in the 1st phase that players must tackle to close the gap with Edwyn.

  • Body Slam: Edwyn will often jump up in the air to do a body slam attack.
    • Counter: As Edwyn jumps up, rocks will start dropping down. You need to stay away from the rocks to stay away from getting hit by the slam attack. When Edwyn drops down, use a heavy attack combo to deal extensive damage to him. It is one of the best windows in the whole fight to deal damage to Edwyn.
  • Nightmare Projectiles: Edwyn will raise its left arm and slam it on the ground to summon three nightmare projectiles that will follow you one by one.
    • Counter: As the projectiles appear, roll down the first projectile and jump for the other two projectiles to dodge the attack. Edwyn will take a few moments before he does another attack so dash into Edwyn to land a couple of hits.
  • Nightmare Wave: Similar to Nightmare Projectile attack but a wave will spawn instead of projectiles.
    • Counter: Take a few steps back when Edwyn raises his hand and slams on the ground to safely jump over the wave. After dodging the wave, continue attacking Edwyn.
  • Whirlwind and Projectiles: Edwyn will jump across the bridge to create a whirlwind which will pull you towards it and Edwyn start throwing projectiles at you.
    • Counter: Keep going in the opposite direction and roll/jump to dodge the projectiles.

Rinse and repeat through the fight to deplete half of Edwyn’s HP to start the next phase.

Phase 2 of Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror

The second phase of Edwyn has similar but enhanced attacks as the first phase along with some additional ones.

  • Rain of Nightmare Asteroids: Edwyn will screech to summon several Nightmare Asteroids raining throughout the battle arena.
    • Counter: Roll and jump to avoid getting hit by the asteroid. You cannot attack Edwyn during this attack as Edwyn’s HP will disappear and your hits will not count.
  • Charged Whirlwind: Edwyn will charge to create a triangular form of nightmare to turn it into an aggressive whirlwind.
    • Counter: Run back as Edwyn charges up, and get to a safe distance to dodge the whirlwind.

The rest of the attacks are the same as the previous phase but they will be enhanced and deal more damage. There will be four nightmare projectiles instead of three, the body slam attack will now shoot spike on landing, speed of the nightmare wave will increase. You can still use the counter technique of the attacks to dodge the attacks and strike Edwyn to deal damage to him.

Rinse and repeat through the second phase to deplete Edwyn’s HP to defeat him. Defeating Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror will give you 12,000 Nycrux.

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