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Streaming A Movie And Playing Palia At The Same Time



How often do you use your Wi-Fi connection? And when you do, how many devices you would connect to it every day? Normally, people would connect more than one device. Most of the time, it’s a desktop (or laptop), mobile phone, or possibly a tablet. Depending on the connection speed, if it’s high enough, using multiple devices wouldn’t be an issue.

But that’s different if the internet connection isn’t anywhere dependable. Connecting one device alone would be problematic, let alone two or three at once. As there are some family members using the same internet connection simultaneously, you may also expect a slow speed. For example, when someone in your family is streaming, and you’re playing an online game.

MMOs do need a stable internet connection in order to play smoothly. As the game is highly dependent on the connection, a small problem may always be impactful. The same thing also goes when you play Palia. Therefore, when someone is streaming something, there’s a chance that it’ll make the game less enjoyable.

If you’re suffering from the same fate, we want to share a few tips to speed up your internet connection. Although it would be ideal for you to just have a higher plan to get a faster connection, there are some good alternatives you may try beforehand.

Is It Okay to Stream and Play A Game Using The Same Internet Connection?

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s really okay for you to do things at once as long as the internet connection can handle it. The problem is, that people would use their limited Wi-Fi connection for extensive work, like streaming and playing online games at the same time. When the connection isn’t stable, some issues may spark.

You may experience lags that cause the game to quit itself and a very long buffering when streaming. But there’s a way to overcome it. If you want to have a more stable internet connection, you may use the best VPN for streaming securely and in HD quality. Additionally, you may access the other locations to enjoy a more colorful variant of content. If you want to get the best, we highly recommend using a reputable VPN service as well.

Yes, we know that they come at a price. But with all the benefits, especially the better security, the cost will always be worth it. Now, there are some tips if you want to have a more stable connection when streaming and playing Palia at the same time.

What Is Palia

Singularity Six announced Palia as its newest MMO game. They call it an MMO community simulation set in a fantasy world with open-world elements.

Different from the usual MMORPGs, Palia will offer colorful game systems like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing, where players will be able to explore, grow crops, and even build houses. Everything can be done without having to think about many things, such as leveling up to defeat bosses, for example.

In Palia, it is said that the human race is a legendary race that disappeared thousands of years ago for no reason. But one day, they suddenly returned. Your task is to build a new home for your race, humans, and shape the future together.

Currently, Palia is playable as Open-Beta (as of August 2023), and the plan for a release date is still in the dark . Those of you who are interested can visit the website to try your luck in tasting the game first.

Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

There are many ways to speed up the internet connection on your computer. Most of the following methods can be done without the need to add certain applications, and are quite easy to do.

Apart from that, by minimizing the use of third-party applications, the level of security for laptops and PCs will also be more guaranteed. Here’s how to speed up WiFi connections on laptops and PCs.

1. Check Internet Speed

One of the causes of a slow internet network is that the internet package speed does not match what you have paid for. For example, you have purchased a package with a speed of 10MB/s, but what you get is much lower.

You can find out about this by checking the internet connection speed where you are. That way, you can find out whether your internet network is good or not. To do this, you can use services from sites such as, to see whether the internet speed you get matches the purchase package from the internet service provider you use.

If this happens, the solution you can take is to submit a complaint through the call center service of the internet provider you are using.

2. Change Internet Provider

If the problem above occurs to you and there is no solution from the provider, then the option of changing providers can be considered. However, it should be noted that changing providers is not always because of poor service.

Sometimes there are certain conditions that cause us to have to change internet providers. We recommend changing providers that may be more suitable for your location. That way, you can play Palia better, even after downloading the latest Palia’s patch.

3. Limit Wifi Users

Limiting the use of WiFi networks can also be one way to speed up internet connections. However, you need to pay attention to this, especially if you are not the one using the internet at home.

Limiting does not mean being stingy, because the more users connected to one internet network, the greater the bandwidth usage required. If this happens and the internet is used by many people without restrictions, it will be detrimental, because the connection will be slow and there will be a lot of work being delayed.

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