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Super Mario RPG: Where to Find All Three Flags for Musty Fears



Super Mario RPG - Three Flags for Musty Fears

Musty Fears are the three ghosts that you will get to meet while sleeping in Monstro Town. These ghosts will quest you to find a certain flag for each one of them and in return reward you with an accessory item.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all three flags for Musty Fears in Super Mario RPG.

Where to Find All Three Flags for Musty Fears

Before you get to find all three flags for Musty Fears, you must first start their quest. Go to Monstro Town and enter the first door on the right after coming down the stairs to find a bed. Interact with the mushroom in the corner to turn off the lights and interact with the bed to sleep. Three Musty Fears will appear and will give you the quest along with giving you hints on each flag location. After starting the quest, you can find the flags at the following locations.

  • Greaper Flag: Behind the Welcome Sign in Rose Town.
  • Boo Flag: Found in the Letter ‘O’ of ‘GOAL’ in the Yo’ster Isle area.
  • Dry Bones Flag: Found under the bed of Mario in the Mario’s Pad area.

After finding all three flags for Musty Fears, go back to Monstro Town, and sleep on the bed to reappear the ghosts. This time the ghosts will congratulate you for finding each flag and reward you with a Ghost Medal that doubles the defense during battle. Open the menu to equip the medal on a character for whom you want to increase the defense.  

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