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Super Mario RPG: Where to Find the Seed & Fertilizer



Super Mario RPG - Seed and Fertilizer

Finding the Seed and Fertilizer for the gardener in Rose Town is one of the side quests that you can complete but it is one of the most rewarding side quests as completing it will reward you with a Lazy Shell weapon as well as armor. The Lazy Shell weapon is the strongest weapon for Mario in the game and if you have made it to Rose Town, get the quest from talking to the gardener so that you can bring him the required seed and fertilizer.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Seed and Fertilizer in Super Mario RPG.

Where to Find the Seed and Fertilizer in Super Mario RPG

Both the Seed and Fertilizer are obtained from the mid-game areas for which you have to progress ahead to reach the Seaside Town and then continue on the main story path to reach Bean Valley. You will unlock the Bean Valley after completing the Land’s End area. Start in the Bean Valley area and continue on the path to encounter Megasmilax. Defeat Megasmilax in the fight and watch Beezo run away. As he is flying away, he will drop a note with a seed on it. Take the seed and continue on to the Nimbus Land to find the Fertilizer.

Once you are at the Nimbus Land, continue on the main path to defeat Valentina. After that, go to the right side of the Nimbus Land and keep going until you stumble upon a hidden path. Run along the hidden path in the sky and you will get to encounter Beezo. Beezo will hand you the fertilizer and run away.

Now, that you have both of the required items for the gardener, fast-travel to Rose Town and give him the items. He will plant the seed and the fertilizer to grow a large plant. Climb the plant to find two chests from which you will get the Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor.

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