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Super Mario RPG: Land’s End All Hidden Chests Locations



Super Mario RPG - All Lands End Hidden Chests

Finding the hidden chests can earn you various useful items and Frog Currency that can be helpful throughout your playthrough. All of the areas that players venture across in the journey will have several hidden chests for which players have to solve some puzzles or master the jumping techniques to get the chests. One of those areas is Land’s End where players will be able to get 4 hidden chests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get all hidden chests in Land’s End in Super Mario RPG.

All Hidden Chests Locations in Land’s End

Land’s End area is located on the northwest side of Seaside Town and players will be able to get to the Land’s End after completing the Sunken Ship area. Once there, get the hidden chests by following the method for each hidden chest described below.

Hidden Chest #1 – Starting Room of Land’s End

Starting in the Land’s End area will get you to a room with a canon in front. Jump into the canon and launch yourself on the yellow platform ahead. There will be a chest above the yellow platform that you need to hit while jumping. However, the chest is not exactly above as it is placed a bit on the left side and you need to jump off the platform when it reaches its peaks to get the chest. It can take a few tries for you to actually get the chest.

1st Hidden Chest Reward

Getting the 1st Hidden Chest of Land’s End will get you 1x Red Essence.

Hidden Chest #2 – The Next Canon Room

Make your way to the next room to come across another canon. Jump into the canon and launch yourself inside the hole. It will spawn three wolves. Defeat the wolves and jump up a little bit right out of the hole to appear a platform. Go back to the canon and launch yourself on the revealed platform. Jump on the ledge, go to the left side, and jump up to get the second hidden chest.

2nd Hidden Chest Reward

Getting the 2nd Hidden Chest of Land’s End will get you 1x Croaka Cola.

Hidden Chest #3 – Flower Area

The next hidden chest is located in the flower area. Progress through the second canon and the lizard room to reach the flower area and make your way to the right side. There will be 3 flowers on the right side and the chest is placed above in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd flowers. Jump on the flower and start jumping from flower to flower to get the chest.

3rd Hidden Chest Reward

Getting the 3rd Hidden Chest will get you 1x Frog Coin.

Hidden Chest #4 – Inside the Cave

Continue from the flower area to come across a cave entrance and wait for a puff of smoke. When a puff of smoke appears, jump up to enter the cave. Progress through the cave by jumping over the lizards or fighting them, and go to the left corner. The chest will be in the corner near the wolf enemy.  

4th Hidden Chest Reward

Getting the 4th Hidden Chest will get you 1x Frog Coin.

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