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The Last Faith: Where to Find Nighttide’s Rout Weapon



The Last Faith - Nighttide's Rout Weapon

The Last Faith offers several Right-Hand/Primary Weapons that players can find and switch between them based on their combat style. Each weapon scales with a certain stat so, players must equip the eligible weapon to use its unique skill. One of the weapons that players will get to find in the starting hours of the game is Nighttide’s Route, a whip weapon that offers a decent range allowing players to eliminate enemies from a safe distance, especially the flying enemies.

In this guide, we’ll go over where to find Nighttide’s Rout Weapon in The Last Faith.

Where to Find Nighttide’s Rout Weapon in The Last Faith

The Nighttide’s Rout weapon can be obtained from a chest hidden in a secret room behind a stone wall in the City of Mythringal. Players can find the stone wall fairly early in the playthrough of City of Mythringal. Progress through the City of Mythringal until you find the first Altar, West Altar. From there, make your way up to find a lever to lower the ladder to unlock a shortcut. There will be a ladder going up beside the lever and you need to strike the stone wall next to the ladder to open the path to the hidden room instead of going up the ladder. Once you are inside the room, go ahead to find the chest to get the Nighttide’s Rout Weapon.

Stats of Nighttide’s Rout Weapon

The Nighttide’s Rout weapon scales with Dexterity (C) and Mind (E) with the requirement of 15 Dex and 10 Mind to utilize its unique skills. Its unique skill allows players to dash backward while raining a volley of vicious nails. The base damage of this weapon is 55 which is lower than the other starting weapons but its range of attack is higher than other primary weapons that can help you fight against the enemies without taking any damage.

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