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The Last Faith: How to Upgrade Weapons



The Last Faith - Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading your weapons is crucial in The Last Faith as it will allow you to deal more damage and inflict more elemental damage (if a weapon has) to enemies to take them out easily. Enemies will get tougher as you progress and discover other areas for which you have to spare some Nycrux to upgrade the weapons. However, upgrading the weapons will require you to first find an NPC and bring them to Oxnevylle’s Manor in the Broken Pass area.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can upgrade your weapons in The Last Faith.

Where to Find Mariano in The Last Faith

Mariano is initially located in the City of Mythringal area which you will get to reach in the opening hour of the game. As you reach the City of Mythringal, activate the west altar in the area and make your way up. Upon reaching the higher level, you will see a ladder that you need to lower to go further up. To do so, make your way all the way to the left side and go through the room to find a ladder at the end. Go up the ladder and start going in the east direction until you come across a circular handle. Strike the handle to lower the ladder that you saw earlier.

Now, make your way back to the ladder and go up to enter a room to find Mariano. Talk to Mariano to tell him to move to Oxnevylle’s Manor. After that, Mariano will always be found in the leftmost room in Oxnevylle’s Manor.

How to Upgrade Weapons in The Last Faith

Upgrading the weapons will require you a specific resource named Moonsilver Stone that can be obtained from enemies as well as bought from Mariano himself. Once you have moved Mariano to Manor, go to the left room to find Mariano and talk to him. Select the ‘Level up weapons’ option to view and upgrade your weapons at the cost of Moonsilver Stone along with Nycrux as a fee.

Each upgrade of the weapon will cost 1x Moonsilver Stone along with a certain fee according to the type of weapon. The blades have more fees than the firearms on each upgrade. As you progress further in the game, you will come across a resource named Demishade Ore which is also used for upgrading the weapons but only the specialized embedded weapons. This material is precious than regular Moonsilver Stone so if you happen to find one save it for later to use it to upgrade a certain weapon.

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