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The Last Faith: How to Climb Walls | Technological Gloves



The Last Faith - Climb Walls

Navigating through various areas will often take you to some locations with higher walls that are impossible to reach without any sort of ability or technology. Luckily, there is a technology that will help you with such cases to climb higher walls to discover new locations in the areas and even find paths to reach new areas. However, players must first get the technology so-called Technological Gloves to start climbing the walls.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to climb walls in The Last Faith.

How to Climb Walls in The Last Faith

Climbing the walls in The Last Faith will require the Technological Gloves Key Item that can only be bought from Mariano, the friendly NPC who also helps you in upgrading your weapons. Mariano can be found in Oxnevylle’s Manor after finding him initially in the City of Mythringal. Players will get to reach the City of Mythringal fairly early in the game and once they have invited Mariano to the manor, they will be able to buy the Technological Gloves from him for 10,000 Nycrux.

Once players have obtained the Technological Gloves, they will gain the ability to climb the moss walls found in various areas to reach secret areas. Jump on the mossy walls and your character will automatically use the Technological Gloves to stick to the wall and gradually descend until jump up again to go higher. By repeating the jumping on the moss walls, players will be able to climb the walls.

It is a hefty price for a piece of technology but it is worth it as it will allow you to navigate through secret locations within the areas to find useful items, weapons, and materials that will help you ahead in the journey.

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