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The Last Faith: How to Get Past Illusory Spectral Doors | Technological Lens



The Last Faith - Get Past Spectral Door

The world in The Last Faith offers various dark medieval areas filled with mysteries and puzzles that players will get to discover and solve as they progress through the game. One of the mysteries that players will get to discover is the spectral doors that are inaccessible to get through without a key item called Technological Lens. Players must equip themselves with the lenses to get through the doors to locate secret locations within the area to find various useful items.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get past Illusory Spectral Doors in Technological Lens.

How to Get Past Illusory Spectral Doors in The Last Faith

The Illusory Spectral Doors are like mirrors placed in front of a path that cannot be passed until players get the Technological Lens. The Technological Lens is one of the key items for the character that players can get from the chest located on the south side of the Federal Inquisition area. Players will be able to reach this location from the south side of the City of Mythringal. As players go ahead, they will have to climb the wall for which they will require the Technological Gloves to reach the locked door in which the chest lies.

To open the door, players will have to get the Hermann’s Office Key located in the room above the East Altar in the Federal Inquisition area. Head up the ladder from the altar to get the key from the room and make your way back to the south region of the area to open the door. After unlocking the door, proceed ahead to find the chest just before a spectral door to get the Technological Lens.

Once you have obtained the Technological Lens, the illusory spectral door in front will fade away and you will be able to proceed ahead to a secret location. There are several Illusory Spectral Doors scattered throughout the areas through which players can get past to explore the hidden locations.

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