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The Last Faith: Which Combat Style/Class Should You Pick?



The Last Faith - Combat Style

Picking the right combat style or should we say class right after starting a new game is important that most of the players would overlook. The game presents players with four different combat styles each with their starting attributes and stats. However, what most of the players might not consider is that each class offers a certain type of playstyle which determines the use of a specific kind of weapon that is suited to the class. Using the wrong or ineligible weapon with a certain class might not pull out the full potential of a weapon which is why players must take a minute or two before selecting the combat style/class in The Last Faith.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which combat style should you pick in The Last Faith.

Best Combat Style/Class to Pick in The Last Faith

Starting a new game will take you straight to the Combat Style menu where you will get to select a class for your current playthrough. The four offered combat styles from which you get to select one are the following.

  • Brawler – Warrior class, good for Strength Weapons.
  • Rogue – Warrior/Mage/Ranged class, good for Dexterity Weapons, Magic Spells, and Firearms.
  • Stargazer – Warrior/Mage class, good for Dexterity Weapons and Magic Spells.
  • Marksman – Ranged/Mage class, good for Firearms and Magic Spells.

Almost every combat style offers the role of a warrior class but the weapon scaling will be different for the classes as you progress ahead. All the classes will start with the same weapon, Nightfall Blade which scales with Dexterity and requires 12 Dexterity to use its skill. The best class for this starting weapon is Rogue with 14 Dexterity as a starting attribute. Not only this but Rogue holds the advantage of being played almost as any class which will allow you to change your playstyle later down the road.

It has a decent Focus of 55 and Power of 80 with Health starting at 109 giving you a great advantage right from the start of the game. As you progress through various areas, you will come across all kinds of weapons that you can try with Rogue class to see what suits you best for your playthrough. Bear in mind that you do need respective scaling of weapons with the attributes to use them with full potential for which you will have to level up certain stats of Rogue class. 

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