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The Last Faith: How to Level Up



The Last Faith - Level Up

Leveling up in The Last Faith is as crucial as in any other Metroidvania or Souls-like game. Metroidvania games take high inspiration from Souls-like games and The Last Faith is no different. As players start the game, they will get to select a combat style/class for their playthrough that they need to level up its stats to use certain kinds of weapons with full potential. Leveling up the class also improves their overall stats which are much needed through every area of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Level Up in The Last Faith.

How to Level Up in The Last Faith

If you are familiar with Souls-like or Metroidvania games, then you will find leveling up mechanics no difficult. However, if you are new to the genre then you need to understand certain mechanics to level up your character. Every enemy that you kill will reward you with Nycrux. Nycrux is the primary currency in the game that is used to level up your attribute points in 5 different stats – Vitality, Strength, Dexterity, Mind, and Instinct. Once you have a substantial amount of Nycrux, follow the following steps to level up your character.

  • Go to Oxnevylle’s Manor. This area is located in the path of the Broken Pass area.
  • Interact with Lady Helenya located outside of the manor and select the Level Up option.
  • Select the stats in which you want to level up and press the confirmation button to level up the character in the selected stats.

Lady Helenya is only available outside of Oxnevylle’s Manor which you can reach fairly early in the game but as you progress ahead and reach farther areas, you need to use the Altars to travel back to the manor to talk to Helenya to level up the stats.

The starting level-ups will be cheap and you will be able to level up your character 1 – 2 times with a couple hundred of Nycrux. However, as you level up further, the level-ups will get expensive for which you will have to farm more Nycrux by killing enemies. Bear in mind that if you die during your run, you will lose all of the gathered Nycrux and be teleported to the last visited Altar. However, you can retrieve them by going to the same location where your character died.

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