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Super Mario RPG: Where to Find Peaches Crown



Super Mario RPG - Peaches Crown

Peaches’ safety is Mario’s first priority as he will be saving Peaches right from the beginning of the game. However, the tides of the event will change as players progress through the game and come to find that Peaches has been captured by Booster. Players will have to rescue Peaches from Booster to unlock her in your party but before they get to do that, one of the key requirements is to find stuff for Peaches, mainly the crown.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Peaches Crown in Super Mario RPG.

Where to Find Peaches Crown in Super Mario RPG

Finding Peaches Crown’s objective will trigger once players have reached the Marrymore area. Players will be able to reach the Marrymore area after progressing through the Booster Tower and Booster Hill areas which requires a portrait puzzle to be solved. Once players have done that, they will get to reach the wedding hall where Booster is holding Peaches. Upon reaching the wedding hall, Bowser and Mario will break open the door which leads to Peaches losing all of her items – Shoes, Ring, Brooch, and Crown.

The Snifsters inside the wedding hall will take each item and you must get them back. Go after every Snifster in the Wedding Hall to get the first three items back and then make your way to Booster and jump on his head to get Peaches Crown. Make sure that you first get all the rest of the items before going after Booster to get the crown.

After finding the Peaches Crown, you will get to encounter a boss fight against the wedding cake, Bundt. Defeat Bundt and make your way back to the Mushroom Kingdom to unlock Peaches in your party.

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