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Super Mario RPG: How to Find the Secret Area in Forest Maze



Super Mario RPG - Secret Area

Forest Maze is one of the earliest areas that players will get to visit in the Super Mario RPG journey. It is one of the classic areas in the franchise as it is famous for its maze puzzle and this time, there is a secret area hidden around the maze that players can find to get free items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can find the Secret Area in Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG.

How to Find the Secret Area in Forest Maze

The Secret Area in Forest Maze is hidden around the maze location and the correct path for reaching the secret area can be learned from Toad at Rose Town. When the players reach Rose Town for the first time, they can choose to steal items from Toad and return them back to apologize to learn the correct path to the Secret Area. However, if players didn’t do such a thing or forgot about the correct path, they can follow the following directions from the maze to reach the Secret Area.

  • Left
  • Left
  • Up
  • Right

By following the directions mentioned above, players will come across a tree stump. Jump inside the tree stump to find 5 chests. Open all of the chests to get the following items.

  • 3x Mushroom
  • 1x Frog Coin
  • 1x Flower

Players can get to the Secret Area either before following Geno to get through the maze or after. So, if you haven’t went to the secret area in your first playthrough, then fast travel to Forest Maze and follow the directions to get to the secret area.

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