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Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze – Correct Direction to Get Across



Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze Correct Directions

Forest Maze is one of the classic areas in the Mario franchise due to its design of multiple paths from which players must choose the correct path to get across it. Well, it is no different in the Super Mario RPG as players will have to get across the Forest Maze to continue on the journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the correct directions for the Forest Maze area in Super Mario RPG.

Forest Maze Directions in Super Mario RPG

The starting area of the Forest Maze is nothing but a linear path with a few tree stumps along the path that you can enter to defeat the enemies to earn XP. Keep going along the path until you reach the ‘Maze’ area with four separate paths. As you reach the maze location, you will see Geno going ahead on the path that you have to follow to get across the maze but it is possible to lose Geno due to several enemies along the way. If you have lost a clue of where Geno went, then you need to go along the following directions to meet Geno outside of the maze area.

  • Right
  • Up
  • Up
  • Right
  • Left

By following the directions mentioned above, you will meet Geno near the save box after which you will get to encounter a boss fight with Bowyer. The Forest Maze area also has some other secrets and one of the valuable secrets of this area is the Secret Area. If you want to earn some free items before ending the Forest Maze area, then you should consider getting to the Secret Area in the Forest Maze.

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