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Super Mario RPG: How to Solve Sunken Ship Puzzle – Door Code



Super Mario RPG - Sunken Ship Door Code

Sunken Ship is one of the mid-game areas that players will get to access after reaching Seaside Town for the first time. Getting through the Sunken Ship area is different than other areas as it will require a correct door code to unlock the door leading to a boss battle. Players will have to find the clues for the door code around the ship to successfully open the door.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Sunken Ship Puzzle in Super Mario RPG.

How to Solve Sunken Ship Puzzle in Super Mario RPG

Getting through the Sunken Ship will require you to go through 6 different doors to gather clues for the correct code to unlock the last door. You can go through all of the 6 doors along the way and solve a respective puzzle in each one to get a paper with a clue on it. The clues that you will get from each door are the following.

  • Door 1 –Clue: S in Password.
  • Door 2 – Clue: Found on the bed of the ocean.
  • Door 3 – Clue: Word has 2 Vowels.
  • Door 4 – Clue: Valuable item.
  • Door 5 – Clue: Word is a Plural.
  • Door 6 – Clue: R comes before the L.

If we narrow down the clues and the available letters in the boxes, we will get two possible words, CORAL and PEARLS. However, the password Coral Word is incorrect as it will not unlock the door and the correct password is PEARLS. You need to start from the top left side to the bottom left side of the boxes and jump underneath every box to spell ‘P.E.A.R.L.S.’ After that, look into the horn on the side to unlock the door.

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