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Super Mario RPG: How to Get the Hammer



Super Mario RPG - Hammer

Super Mario RPG offers various kinds of equipment that can be equipped on the characters to increase their stats like damage, defense, etc. One of the pieces of equipment that players will come across early on is the weapons that mainly increase the damage stat of the character. The very first weapon that players will get in Super Mario RPG as playing Mario character is a Hammer.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Hammer in Super Mario RPG.

How to Get the Hammer in Super Mario RPG

The Hammer is the first weapon that players will get in Super Mario RPG by defeating the Hammer Bros. Players need to progress through the Mushroom Way area, 2nd main area that players will get to visit after Mario’s Pad area and reach its end. Upon reaching the end of the Mushroom Way area, a Hammer Bro will stop Toad at the exit and start an encounter.

There will be 2 Hammer Bros that players need to defeat using the Jump Special ability and normal attack. Special ability, Jump will allow players to deal more damage than the normal attack so, it is best to use it to at least take down one Hammer Bro and then use the normal attacks on the other Hammer Bro. Don’t forget to block the attacks of the Hammer Bros as all of the attacks can be blocked to mitigate the damage or completely nullify the damage upon doing a Perfect Block.

Once players have defeated both of the Hammer Bros, they will get the Hammer weapon that can be equipped to increase the Attack stat by +10. Open the menu and navigate to the ‘Equip’ option to select the Weapon category to equip the Hammer.  

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