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Super Mario RPG: How to Block Attacks & Do Perfect Block



Super Mario RPG - Perfect Block

Jumping into the first-ever RPG playstyle in the Mario franchise will introduce you to the classic turn-based combat mechanics that allow you to attack, perform special moves exclusive to the characters, use various items, and much more. Players can boost the special attacks of the characters by pressing the respective character at the time of impact but another mechanic that players might overlook is blocking the enemy attacks. Blocking is one of the crucial mechanics in combat that players should consider using on every enemy turn to lower the damage taken from enemies or completely nullify it upon doing a perfect block.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to block attacks and do perfect blocks in Super Mario RPG.

How to Block Attacks in Super Mario RPG

The blocking of an incoming attack mechanic works similarly to the boosting of a special attack of a party member. During an enemy turn, when an enemy attempts to strike you, you need to press an A, B, Y, or X button when the Yellow Star prompts above the character. Pressing any button when an icon appears will allow the character to block the incoming attack and reduce the damage taken.

Bear in mind that not all attacks can be blocked, especially magic attacks. The attacks that can be blocked are the ones that display the Stars upon hitting the character. If you see stars upon getting hit by an enemy attack, it means you can block it. On the other hand, if an attack does not show any stars, it means you have to take the damage as there is no way to block such attacks.

How to Do Perfect Block in Super Mario RPG

The normal block of attacks only reduces the damage taken from the enemies but doing a perfect block completely terminates the damage taken along with any status effects of the attack. To do a perfect block, players must press the key to block the attack as soon as the yellow star appears on top of the character. To be more precise, it should be done within a 5-frame window.

It sure does require some practice to do a perfect block on every attack but the regular block is also not bad as it surely reduces the chances for one of your characters from falling in the battle.

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