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Palia is Launching Dedicated Servers for EU Players



Palia - EU Dedicated Servers

Palia is an Online MMO simulation game currently in Open Beta and making its way to Epic Games on October 24, 2023. It offers all the major mechanics regarding farming and simulation and classic MMO where you can romance certain NPCs of the Palian World. Every player who gets into the Palian World will join a specific server and get to see and meet other players hanging on the same server. It does evaluate the experience as an MMO but it does have some latency issues which can sometimes ruin the overall experience.

The EU players of Palia have complained the most about the bad latency and how they cannot even access their plot area or place down furniture due to bad latency. However, it is not all across EU servers and only in some regions but developers have mentioned several times that they are working on bringing dedicated servers to the game.

Fortunately, for the EU players, Palia has announced that they can expect dedicated servers coming to Palia in the next major patch update. Having dedicated servers should help alleviate problems like high latency but only in the EU region for now. It does help players to have a more responsive experience but this system does come with a major drawback and that is the splitting of the community.

The meaning of dedicated servers in Palia is that EU players can only play with EU players. They will not be able to join the server of NA nor the in-game friend’s server if it is out of the EU. Meaning, the community will be split up which might not be a good thing for an MMO game. However, it is not official whether Palia restricts players to the dedicated servers or not. The only thing that has been revealed is the launch of dedicated servers for EU and we will get the full information when it releases with the next major patch.

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