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Diablo IV Devs Have No Plans to Nerf the Season Of Blood



Diablo IV Devs Have No Plans to Nerf the Season Of Blood

Diablo IV’s latest season, the Season of Blood, is currently live, featuring a brand new Seasonal Questline, Vampiric Powers, events, and more. The new season has received a positive response from many players, and the developers are highly appreciated for their latest work. Currently, there are no major complaints about the season, thanks to several endgame activities, various World Bosses, and improved Experience gain, addressing previous player concerns.

It has been a week since the launch of the Season Of Blood, and there were some rumors circulating about potential characters or Vampiric Powers nerfs to balance the game. Fortunately, the game director, Joe Shely, addressed this concern in a tweet, expressing their delight that players are enjoying Diablo IV, and they have no plans to implement nerfs. Players also expressed their appreciation for Joe Shely and even suggested adding more unique powers to upcoming seasons.

The rumors about balance changes emerged primarily due to the Season of Malignant, where the developers introduced significant updates to balance characters and address issues with Malignant Hearts. This caused some anxiety among players who were using specific builds. Thankfully, players can currently enjoy and complete the Season Of Blood with their new Vampiric Powers and favorite builds without interference.

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