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Palia is Coming to Epic Games



Palia: Epic Games

The Palia community has increased in the past 2 months since its Open Beta release allowing players to jump into the Palian World for free and the developers only tend to increase the community for which they announced Palia to make its way to Epic Games. Epic Games is one of the top successful Video Game Companies and Singularity Six is launching its title on the Epic Games Store for free on October 24, 2023.

The build version of Palia coming to Epic Games is 0.170 so, all the new players will get to experience the latest additions and features to the Palian World. Players can Wishlist Palia on Epic Games now and get alerted when it releases. The old players, who are using the Palia launcher to play the game can also download Palia directly from Epic Games Store without losing any progress. Players need to enter their Palia account credentials to start playing from their current account.

Players only need an Epic account to download the game on their PC but to play Palia, they need to have a Palia account which they can Sign Up on Once the game is downloaded, it will launch the Palia launcher in which players need to enter their Palia account credentials to start their adventure in Palian World and meet several Palian villagers.

Palia is a free-to-play title with in-game purchases which is the only way for developers to earn money and the only possible reason for Singularity Six to launch it on Epic Games and not on Steam is the revenue distribution system. Steam has a 70 – 30 revenue split whereas, Epic has an 88 – 12 revenue split which makes more sense.

Currently, Epic Games is the only Platform on which Palia is releasing and later this year in the holidays, it will be available on Nintendo Switch.

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