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Kevin Afghani is the New Voice of Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder



Super Mario Bros. Wonder - Mario Voice

Charles Martinet has been Mario Ambassador for over 25 years, voicing and keeping alive Mario to all the fans for decades. Almost 2 months ago, Charles Martinet and Nintendo confirmed the news that Charles Martinet no longer be a Mario Ambassador on X (Twitter). It started raising questions about the new Ambassador and who will voice Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Nintendo kept the new voice actor for Mario a secret but recently Kevin Afghani who played Arnold in Genshin Impact and Raditz in the Dragon Ball R&R Series, revealed that he is incredibly proud to have voiced Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Kevin Afghani officially posted on X (Twitter) with the Tweet shown in the image down below confirming he has become the next Mario Ambassador.

It is the first Mario game in which Kevin Afghani voiced Mario and Luigi after Charles but the voice acting itself is looking pretty amazing in the game both for Mario and Luigi. Nintendo officially doesn’t have any plan to announce the voice actor before the release of the game as they told, the fans will get to see the name in the credits of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

No doubt that the fans are happy with the new voice actor and they will see no doubt in the voice of Mario.

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