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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Change and Store Power-Up Items



Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Change and Store Power-Up Items

Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers five different Power-Up items that provide characters with a specific set of attacks and abilities, enabling players to easily navigate the courses and defeat enemies. Vanquishing these adversaries can earn you extra coins, leading to more lives. Unlike previous Super Mario Bros. games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder permits players to carry at least two power-ups simultaneously. In this guide, we will explain how to change and store power-up items in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

How to Change and Store Power-Up Items in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces a novel feature known as the Balloon, positioned beneath the total number of lives. This feature enables you to store a second Power-Up and seamlessly switch between them. Power-ups are acquired by collecting the corresponding items scattered throughout the course. To store a second power-up, simply collect the second power-up item, and it will be stored in the Balloon.

However, it’s important to note that you cannot store more than one power-up item in the balloon. If you collect another power-up item while one is already stored, the newly acquired power-up will replace the one stored in the Balloon. Having a second power-up stored in the Balloon can be immensely beneficial, as you can use it whenever you lose your currently activated power-up by pressing the A Button. Another advantage of power-up items is the opportunity to earn an extra Flower Coin when you equip and store the same power-up and then collect the same power-up once more.

To switch between the equipped and stored power-ups, hold down the A button while in a power-up state. It’s worth mentioning that you can change both power-ups at any time, but you must be in a power-up state to make the switch.

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