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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Get & Use Parachute Cap Badge



Super Mario Bros. Wonder - Cap Parachute Badge

Parachute Cap is one of the Action Badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder providing the ability to use the hat to gradually float downward. It is one of the early badges that players can get in the first World of the game. However, it does have a requirement that players must complete to get it.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get and use the Parachute Cap Badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

How to Get Parachute Cap Badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Parachute Cap Badge is obtained from the ‘Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau’ in W1: Pipe-Rock Plateau. The Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau is located in the desert area of the First World which you can reach by completing the courses on the initial area of the First World and then using the Propeller Flower. Once you have reached the desert area, Castle Bowser will lock some of the courses which will require a certain number of Wonder Seeds and the Badge House will be the first one which will require 3 Wonder Seeds in total to access.

At this point, you will already have 3 Wonder Seeds so, simply unlock the Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau. Enter the Badge House to engage in a conversation with a Poplin who has been protecting a badge in a chest. Go through the dialogues to get the Parachute Cap Bridge.

How to Use Parachute Cap Bridge

While in midair, press the R Button or shake the controller to open your hat and float slowly downward. You can open the hat from any height and make sure that you have equipped the badge to use the ability otherwise, you will not be able to use it.

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