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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Dash



Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Dash

To save the Flower Kingdom, players must utilize various new abilities in conjunction with the characters’ basic skills. Learning these foundational abilities is essential for navigating the courses, as certain advanced skills build upon them. One of these fundamental abilities is the Dash. Dash serves as a cornerstone, and mastering it is crucial for unlocking advanced dash-related capabilities. In this guide, we will explore how to dash in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

How to Dash in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

To execute the dash maneuver with any character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you must hold down the Y Button while guiding the character using the Left Stick. When you hold the Y Button and direct the Left Stick in the appropriate direction, the character will dash accordingly. Changing the direction to the left side will result in the character dashing to the left. Although dashing is a basic move in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, many players tend to overlook it until they gain access to advanced dash skills, enabling faster dashes.

However, there is a minor issue that players may encounter when employing the dash maneuver, which inadvertently triggers a power-up attack. The Y Button doubles as the attack button for any power-up in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Consequently, holding the Y Button may cause your character to initiate an attack before executing the dash in the intended direction.

Despite this initial attack, dashing remains one of the game’s most essential abilities. Keep in mind that you can always customize the Key Bindings for Dash or Attack by accessing the game’s settings.

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