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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Change Characters



Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Change Characters

Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers 12 different playable characters for the classic 2D Mario platform gaming experience. Players can choose to play with any character they want before starting a course in any world. There are 7 worlds, each with several courses, including Break Time Courses.

How to Change Characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

All the playable characters are available right from the start of the game, and you can change the equipped character before starting any course. To change the character, open the game’s menu and select the “Characters” option to view all 12 playable characters. From here, you can select any character you want or let the game decide which character you should play with by selecting the Random option.

Changing the character will equip all of your collectibles, lives, and power-ups to the character you selected without losing any progress. Any equipped power-up on the previous character will automatically be applied to the changed character, and you will get to use the specific ability of the power-up with the equipped character.

Differences Between Characters

There are no significant differences in the abilities of the characters, except for Yoshis and Nabbit. Yoshis and Nabbit are considered the Easy Mode of Super Mario Bros. Wonder because they don’t take any damage, which is perfect for little kids to get the experience of Mario without losing anything. However, there is a trade-off for these characters: they are unable to transform with Power-Ups.

Differences Between Characters

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