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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Level Up Fast



Spider-Man 2 - Level Up Fast

Enhancing the potential of Peter Parker and Miles Morales will require you to unlock skills for both of them for which you need to level up. Leveling up will acquire players with Skill Points which can be spent in the skill tree to unlock skills for Peter, Morales, or both at once. However, acquiring all the skills in the skill tree requires a hefty number of skill points which are earned through leveling.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up fast in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Level Up Fast in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Leveling up the Spider-Men in the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is only possible by earning XP. Reaching the threshold for XP will increase the Level providing you with a skill point. XP is earned through various means and you should look into earning more XP from time to time to quickly gain levels to earn Skill Points.

1. Story Missions

The main campaign of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 provides the highest amount of XP starting from 300 XP to 3,000 XP for each mission. It is the primary and one of the best ways to level up quickly. You need to take the story of both Spider-Men, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales together to progress in the main story. Make sure to switch between the protagonists from time to time to see if any new story mission is available for any character.

2. Side Missions

Both of the protagonists have their own set of side missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which will help you take a deeper look at their overall character and story. Apart from the main missions, the side missions are a great way to earn thousands of XP. We recommend you complete Hunter Blind side activities spread across NYC to find out new hideout locations of the enemies to earn 1,000 XP each time.

These missions do not take that much time but are very valuable in terms of leveling up. Another great way to make your way around the side activities to earn XP and Tokens is by upgrading the Suit Tech and unlocking the ‘All Seeing’ upgrade. It will help you scan the nearby area and mark any side activity available around you with a press of a button (R3).

3. FNSM (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) Requests

FNSM (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) Requests are a brief side mission that you can complete to earn extra XP while taking some time off from the main story. It is a great and fun way to earn XP as you get to help out people with certain scenarios. Not long into the main story of the game, you will get access to the FNSM App through which you can accept requests to complete them.

4. Tricks

XP can also be earned by performing tricks while traversal through NYC. Both Peter Parker and Miles Morales have unique tricks up their sleeves that they can perform during traversal. Pressing the Square button and giving any direction with RS will allow the Spider-Men to perform a unique trick earning 1 XP per trick. It is not a lot but combining the tricks can help you earn several XP leading to level up.  

5. Corruption

Reaching the max level (60) in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can take a lot of time and it is not possible through simply completing the main story. One of the activities that you will get to unlock after finishing the main story of the game is Corruption. Corruption requires you to stop the waves of enemies from destroying the device that is set up in an area. Stopping the enemies from destroying the device successfully will provide you with 1,200 XP which is the highest than any other side activity in the game.

This activity will be the go-to side activity for players who want to reach the maximum level in the game to unlock every possible skill for Spider-Men.

While traversing through NYC, always use the All Seeing upgrade to see if there is any Spider Bot nearby to quickly earn XP along with Tech Parts which will be of great help.

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