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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Complete Photo OPS Activity



Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Photo OPS

There are various side activities to be completed around the Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn world map in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Both characters, Peter and Miles have their own set of side activities to complete in different districts but one of the same side activities for both of the characters is Photo OPS. It is a short side activity that only requires you to take a photo of the required subjects to complete it. However, the term photo needs to be taken with the Camera gadget and not the Photo Mode which can confuse some players.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Photo OPS activity in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Complete Photo OPS Activity in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

There are 23 Photo OPS activities scattered around the world map in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. All of these Photo OPS can be completed with both of the characters as they are not limited to a particular character. If you choose to complete all of the Photo OPS with Peter or Miles, you can do that.

The main objective for completing the Photo OPS is to take a picture of the interested object. To do so, you need to first equip the Camera Gadget. Swipe Up on the DualSense’s Touchpad to open the Camera gadget. You will see a circular border in the middle of the screen and if you move it around while holding the L2 button, it will turn Green only if the interested object is inside the border. When the required object is inside the border and the border has turned green, all you have to do is to press the R1 button to take the photo.

It will complete the current Photo OPS activity rewarding you with 150 XP and a couple of City Tokens. As the Photo OPS are available from fairly early in the game, it is a great way to earn extra XP along with City Tokens which will help you get new suits. Photo OPS are also easy to locate by using the scanner (R3).

We recommend you use the scanner whenever you are swinging through NYC to see if there is any Photo OPS nearby marked with a Camera icon. Go to the location and take a photo of the interested object to get easy XP and City Tokens.

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