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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Fast Travel



Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Fast Travel

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers a big world map compared to previous titles. With the addition of Queens and Brooklyn to the existing Manhattan map, there are new areas and districts to explore. Every area has several side activities that players should consider completing to lower the crimes in NYC for which players might have to move quickly from one district to another. Fortunately, there is a Fast Travel mechanic better than before but there are slight changes in accessing the Fast Travel mechanic.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and do fast travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Firstly, the Fast Travel mechanic is not readily available in the game and players will have to unlock fast travel for each district by reaching level 2 in them. Every district has 3 different levels providing Tokens at Level 1 and Level 3 and providing Fast Travel access at Level 2. To increase the level in any district, players will have to do the following tasks to gain XP.

  • Stop Crime
  • Photo OPS
  • Marko’s Memories
  • Power Stash
  • Side Quests

All of these activities will help you increase the level in the respective district in which you complete these activities.

How to Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Once you have unlocked the Fast Travel in any district, you will be able to fast-travel to that district by simply opening up the map and holding the Triangle Button while hovering over the desired location you want to travel.

There is no loading screen during the fast-traveling and the game puts you directly on the selected spot within a second. It is an impressive system which makes the traveling more fluent allowing players to cover up several districts in short time and unlocking fast travel mechanic in all of the districts to fluently swing by them.

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