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Endless Dungeon: How to Place Turrets



Endless Dungeon - Place Turrets

Endless Dungeon is a Roguelike game that takes place in a distant space station with several districts within it. As players uncover various story archives to reveal the lore of the story, the players need to survive through each district and its floor. Every district has multiple floors filled with various enemy types that players need to survive using the weapons and the turrets.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to place turrets in Endless Dungeon.

How to Place Turrets in Endless Dungeon

As you venture through each district in Endless Dungeon, you will come to open various rooms gathering resources, interacting with generators, encountering enemies, and much more. Each anomaly you get to face in every run is random and you cannot expect what lies behind the door you open next. There are 4 different types of enemies that you get to face while completing objectives and moving the Crystal Bot ahead while protecting it. As you use the Crystal Bot to search Crystal Shards, it will initiate the enemy wave which can be difficult to hold as weapons alone don’t have that much of a firepower.

To increase your chances of surviving through the waves of enemies, you need to place turrets in the very room where the wave is starting. Every room has a few pedestals on which you can place the turrets. You cannot place the turrets if there is no pedestal available. These pedestals can easily be recognized by blue squares. To place the turret, go to near the pedestal and interact with it. It will show you the available turrets you have and selecting one turret will cost you a certain amount of Industry resources.

If you want to unlock more turrets then you would have to locate the Research Terminals in the district and use the Science Resource to unlock a new turret for you to place on the pedestal. The Research Terminals can also be used to level up the turrets requiring more Science Resources. So, select the turrets you see fit to stop the enemies from destroying your Crystal Bot or all the heroes in the current run, and don’t forget to repair the turrets to make them function again as they are indestructible.

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