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Endless Dungeon: How to Boost Turrets



Endless Dungeon - Boost Turret

Turrets play a crucial role in the combat system of Endless Dungeon as they can stop the enemy waves more efficiently than the regular Heroes’ weapons. Players can also boost the turrets to increase their Fire Rate and Damage allowing them to not worry about the bigger enemy waves.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to boost turrets in Endless Dungeon.

How to Boost Turrets in Endless Dungeon

Boosting the turrets is one of the mechanics that is tied to one of the main stat of every Hero in the game, Wit. Wit is one of the main (yellow) attributes of every hero which players can level up using the Cells. A Hero’s Wit determines how effective they are at repairing and boosting Turrets, and at hacking Reset Points.

To boost a Turret in Endless Dungeon, players need to use the Melee Shove ability same as for repairing the Turrets. Not only it will repair the turret but it will boost the Turret’s Fire Rate and Damage by 2% for every point in the Hero’s Wit attribute for 8 seconds. Meaning, that if a hero has 8 points in the With attribute, boosting the turrets will increase their Fire Rate and Damage by 16% for 8 seconds.

If players are going for a more strategic and tech build then putting points in the Wit attribute is highly recommended as higher-level turrets can melt even higher-level enemies in a couple of hits. Placing the turret in a well-designated spot where it can attack multiple enemies at once will increase its level, increasing base damage as well, and if you boost the turret as it levels up, the damage and fire rate increase exponentially.

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